Really, Liv?

A recent episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (I LOVE Brad SOOOO hard), showed actress Liv Tyler enlisting Rachel Zoe to get her a spring wardrobe. Not fancy gowns, but regular everyday clothes. Really, Liv? I mean, I understand needing a resource for Academy Award couture and even less-fancy movie premiere dresses. But regular clothes? Even my mom gets those herself.

What do you think about stylists picking out someone's basic wardrobe?

To me, it's kind of like... your shirt is in love with you and wants you to have enthusiasm and effort about the relationship and all you want is to be casual acquaintances.

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  1. Maybe she lost her camera and can't afford a new one so she is using paparazzi pictures to fill her photo album. Gotta look good normally, too you know? Jokes!