Who Needs to be Fired? Bona Drag Edition

I like Bona Drag. I've purchased shoes from them. They are based in Encinitas. They have really unique clothes. They even got their name from a Morrissey song. But sometimes things go very wrong...
Actually this is a weird case where even though the clothes kind of fail, that failure is commendable because it is a byproduct of originality. Respectable failure.

This is actually Betsey Johnson. It's like goth and victorian and western and tea party and I don't know what to do with it.

The spandex and color makes this look like a Power Ranger that never was. Fuschia Ranger. The solid panels on the side make the model look wide. The top part fits really well but I mean...this just isn't my favorite.

I don't even know

this looks soooooo comfortable

The top isn't horrible but wow... the waist and below. Holy widdening, Batman. Plus this color makes me want to sleep.

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