Who Needs to be Fired? Guess edition

What was the thought process here? "Time to make a dresss! Let's put pockets on it! THEN let's put metal things on those pockets! THEN let's have seams emerge from those pockets and hit a band around the waist! THEN let's add an excessive amount of boob darts ABOVE that band. THEN let's put a sleeve. But just barely. And let's put a seam down the middle of it. THEN OMG YOU GUYS. you know this key on a computer: } ? You know that one? }}}}} Let's rotate it ninety degrees and make it the neckline. MAGIC. Then, since there clearly isn't enough going on, let's throw a totally trippendicular thick hem line at the bottom. class it up. And, can we make it in the most bleak color ever? We CAN?"

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