Oscar Dresses


Never in a million years did I think I would be typing that Annette Bening is the best dressed of the night. But that is what's going on right now.

The dress is structured perfectly, the sequins and pearls are great, and I think all dresses should have sleeves like that.

The other best-dressed is Mark Wahlberg's wife, which is weird because she's not even relevant to this awards show in any way.


The rule of the night was...if you were wearing a shade of purple you looked good. Unless you were Marisa Tomei.

I like this dress because it is awesome and also because it reminds me of those sugar eggs with icing, which are so good. And in stores now because it's Easter.

I have the biggest crush on Scarlett. I can't handle it. This dress is great because it's not boring and the back is perfect. Perfect.

^Oh, Black Swan reference what up.

This dress fits Mila Kunis so well. I can't take it.

Natalie Portman has been dressing herself so poorly during awards season and this is just a HUGE improvement.


I've seen Marisa Tomei in person. She is extremely tiny. In this dress she looks the exact opposite. The diagonal cut across the hips paired with the waist cinch is the worst.

Sadly, this dress would have been really awesome without the tulle.


Michelle Williams has this clothes thing on lockdown. She never makes a mistake. Plus, this dress has the sleeves that all dresses should have.

Outer Space dress. Can't go wrong with that.

I like how you don't know where this dress starts.

Jennifer Lawrence is the new ScarJo. I have a lady crush on her.

One of the best dresses wasn't at the actual Oscars, but at the Oscar viewing party.


There weren't that many bad dresses this year, which is good for the eyes but boring for this blog post. It's hard to be funny when talking about good dresses.

Either Hugh Jackman's wife was showing her support for Black Swan or she knew she was going to get tired and need a pillow.

I know this dress is Dior but it looks like ugly wedding napkins. Not in a good way.

Penelope Cruz and Christian Bale's wife, you are at the Oscars and you are rich. Why did you go shopping in juniors section of JCPenny.

Mark Ruffalo, control your wife.

You shouldn't make dresses out of Fruit RollUps.


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  1. Agreed about Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams. I had to defend Cate to the death about her dress though!