Alabama Worley teaches us stuff

I totally love Patricia Arquette's wardrobe in True Romance, my favorite movie of all time. Oh man, it's sooo wrong (holy dressed-in-the-dark alert!) but it's sooo right. And it's full of great fashion tips.

1. Neon blue can and should be used as an accent for anything. Who knew?

2. You can pretty much pull off any ouf, you just have to make sure it fits you.*

*There's a fine line between having unique attire and wearing a costume. The best way to stay out of costume territory is CUTS AND SHAPE! What really makes these clothes work, despite their ostensible lack of cohesion, is the way they fit Patricia Arquette perfectly.

3. Hoodie + dress = best combo ever.

4. Everyone needs a cheetah jacket.


  1. omg those sunglasses and that cheetah jacket. i dieee

  2. Seriously... I've just met my soul mate here. I was looking for images for Alabama and your blog popped up. She's the epitome of crazy awesome. And you, dear blogger, are my new hero.