Who Needs to Be Fired? Free People Edition

Free People used to be awesome. I would buy from them constantly. Now, I turn to them for comedy and not much else.

Why the sweater? Why the hospital concussion bandage?

This is maybe the worst ouf my eyes have ever seen. We have penis shorts!!

The cut of the yellow thing is atrocious, which is sad because the pattern and color are delicious. I would consider buying it on sale and cutting it into a bolero type vest.

Costume alert. Not even a good one. I dig the skirt though.

I don't know what's worse...when everything is matchy-matchy or when NOTHING IS COORDINATED AT ALL.

This color scheme is like the rejected nursery paint samples collection from Home Depot. Rejected sherbet colors. Rejected Jordan almond colors. Gross.

Too much and none of it is good. That sweater is the worst poop color in the history of the rainbow.

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