Let's Get Fancy

This years Emmys had some pretty dresses. Some unfortunate dresses. And one truly heinous dress. My opinions follow. Click pics for big.


I know a lot of people won't like this but I love it. It's way different than the usual GOWN and it's not stuffy. Also...maybe I'm a little biased because I want to be Mary Louise Parker. Maybe I'm even more biased because purple is my favorite color.

The swirl lines on this dress move perfectly along her body. It's crazy how well this garment fits. Super art deco. Super awesome. Plus, now I get to post a picture of my PFG (personal favorite ginge), Michael C. Hall.

I love the sleeves. Honestly I just want to marry the sleeves. I also love the shimmer and color. They are simple yet strangely flashy. I am as crazy about this dress as I am about Anna Torv's show Fringe. Which is a lot. LOVE Fringe.

This is one of the best dresses I've ever seen period. It's sculpted so well that it looks like art. January Jones is working it so hard. LOVE. IT.

I have no idea who this woman is but her dress is brilliant. Seriously that cap sleeve thing is one of my top favorite things in fashion ever.

Rose Byrne has yet to demonstrate to me that she can act but this dress is so pretty.

All I could think when I saw Heidi Klum was Yzma from the highly underrated Disney gem of wonder The Emporer's New Groove. Still, she looks awesome.


Although Olivia Wilde's dress is a little too figure-skater-has-a-wedding, it still fits her crazy awesomely and I'm all about fit. Plus, the detail is outstanding and everything is very soft and pretty.


Congrats, Nancy 'O Dell. You earned this title with flying colors. That necklace really just is icing on the cake. The cake of heinous. MY EYES! THE BEES! MY EYES!


I love your show, Elizabeth Moss, but this is wrinkly and the shape it's creating is bizarre.

You're cool on The Office but... PROM '09. I hate the color. I hate the asymmetrical witch cut at the bottom. Plus Drew Barrymore's Alexander McQueen already did it and did it way better.

TOO MUCH IS GOING ON HERE, Christina Applegate. Too high. The bow. The lace. The visible seams down the left and right sides. The mermaid tail at the bottom. One sleeve. Sweet Jesus this is a train wreck.

I know a lot of people probably like this but I am not comfortable with it. Mostly because Blake Lively doesn't look comfortable with it.

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  1. 1. "The Emperor's New Groove" is SOOOO underrated. You, my brother, and I are the only ones have seen it, it seems. I have it on DVD and watch it...too many times to admit.

    2. Seriously Elizabeth Moss? I loved your high-waisted skirts, cute collars, and headbands on Mad Men but this is ridiculous. C'mon! and on that note: January Jones' dress looked sooooo good. I'm glad I wasn't on crazy pills when I said I loved how architectural it looked.

    3. Blake Lively's Versace dress was cut soooo low in the front, and then she also had a cut up her leg, almost flashin' the vajay. C'mon. We know you're young and hot and whatevs, but this is ridic-monster.

    4. The unnamed lady is Perrey Reeves, who plays Ari's wife in "Entourage." I hate that I know this because this show is stupid. BTW, worst wikipedia picture ever! (

  2. Dude EMPORER'S NEW GROOVE. What's his face. The henchman. Krok. Or however you spell it. He's like the funniest Disney character ever.

    hahaha ridic monster. Dude I think Blake's dress could have been ok if she had her hair down. At least there would have been some coverage. Also, the braid is too tight. Too Lara Croft Tomb Raider for me.

    DUDE omg I can't believe I didn't recognize that woman from Entourage. I must be losing my mind. Also, you are so right about that wikipedia picture. Who commissioned THAT. holy crap i have to link that somewhere.

  3. I said dude 3 times in that. *embarrassment*