Distracting Movie Costumes

So there were these new pics of Hilary Duff shooting a movie for ABC or some nonsense and all I could think about is how her outfits are going to be so distracting on the big (or I guess small) screen. I had the same feelings when I saw the nasty Sex and the City 2 picture that came out a few weeks ago.

The main problem in all the following pictures is that they take the concept of TOO MUCH to new extremes. If they would have just toned it down a little (For example, changing the color of Hilary Duff's shirt) there wouldn't have been a problem.

Distracting costumes are serious. They took me completely out of Bright Star.

1 comment:

  1. Not gonna lie, I loved the costumes in Bright Star. haha

    but I do agree about EXTREME styling. Patricia Fields needs to be fired, because throwing every high-end brand on one person (hey! here's three belts and two cardigans, elbow-length gloves, and baubles SO MANY BAUBLES) is totally the worst. THE WORST.