Who Needs to be Fired? Free People Edition

I haven't checked Free People in a while but it's nice to see that they are continuing to make the most ridiculous clothes humanly possible. click for big.

Mesh Lace Shoulder Warmer? Yeah because, when I want to be warm, non-delicate super insulating materials like mesh and lace are the first things I turn to. Also, Shoulder warmer? I think it's called a jacket. And it's not supposed to be cut in half.

Your legs called. They want their tights back.

I know people are super into recycling these days but they should really draw the line at neck braces and road kill.

Speaking of recycling, it's nice that that someone found a use for the towel I threw away yesterday. Also, HOW IS THIS $150.


looks like SOMEONE had a scissor incident.

The zipper on this makes absolutely no sense. and "zip wrap" is basically the dumbest name for a piece of clothing ever.

this was in the clothing section , not the like the pajama section or the underwear section. Mostly it just looks like she robbed an infant.

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