Even if I don't post for 3 months, free people still makes ugly clothes

Excuse me while I go barf.

I'm not even going to make Spock jokes, I'm just going to emphasize that this ear rigature costs $500 bucks.

Even J. Lo circa 1999 wouldn't wear this. EEEEVEN J.LO. Like, if I saw someone in public with this outfit I would offer to help her get around because clearly she is blind.

Individually these pieces are cute. Together they give me brain damage.

The skirt is fine I GUESS if you like scabs but the outfit is witch cut vest, nasty belt placement, fugfug I can't look at this anymore.

oh heeey check out my fanny pack placed oh so delicately on my nasty pastel ouftit of blandness. I hope Olsen isn't referring to Mary-Kate or Ashley. that would be definite defamation and grounds for litigation.

Really? This looks good?

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  1. hahah i love how the spock ears are called duchess of fabulous when clearly, they are not fabulous. also, lol leather fanny pack. what in the what