Apparently people forgot how to dress themselves last night

SO MANY UGLY DRESSES AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES. I can't even...I don't...I...what happened??? Let's get started.


Anna Paquin. YESSS. You all know how I feel about cap sleeves. LOVE. metallic sparkle. plus, gaudy shoes.


Melanie Laurent. simple, shine, perfect fit. lovelovelove her. love her. Just...I love her. Homo heroine.


Calista Flockheart. CAP SLEEVES. Don't you like how all the best dressed have similar dresses HAHA

Sandra Bullock. A little promish and not right for her but I love the color and the fit of the dress.

Girl from House. I don't know what it is but I like it.

Toni Collette. Art deco yesness.

Jenna Fisher. A little like I'm watching you in a wedding, but I dig it. And it's so much better than what you usually wear.


Other girl from House. I see what you're trying to do. I think this would have been on the best dressed side if you would have gone with a darker mustard color and there weren't ruffle boobs.

Diane Krueger. Usually you dress impeccably. But something about this is off. But...cap sleeves. And Joshua Jackson looks GOOD.

Jennifer Aniston. EH I'M BORED. But you look good.

Anna Kendrick. Cute but would have been 100 times better without the leaves. Like, are you a panda. I like the ruffle sleeve though.

Cameron Diaz. I love the color. CAP SLEEVES. But something feels a little wrongsauce.


Julianne Moore. Are you joking. This is surely a joke.

Julianna Marguiles or however you spell it. I would like my fortune cookies now please.

Drew Barrymore. This pains me. I love her. But a weird tumor dress is NOT OK.

Marion Cotilliard. This pains me, too. Love her. But if you lose half of your dress on the way to the show AND YOU DON'T CHANGE you automatically end up on the worst dressed.

Nicole Kidman. Just cause you're AT the Golden Globes doesn't mean you need to dress like a Golden Globe. k

Kate Hudson. this is bad.

Hey Heidi Klum periwinkle is such an ugly color, it got voted out of the crayon box.

Girl from AVATAR. Zoe Saldana. I like what's going on at the top of this dress. BUT THEN YOU LOSE IT. And you lose it bad.

Fregie. YOU AND HEIDI KLUM NEED TO ATTEND PERIWINKLES ANONYMOUS. Even the lady photobombing this pic in the back is like...WHAT ARE YOU A CAREBEAR.

Girl from Mad Men. I just don't even know what to say to you.

Penelope Cruz I'm bored and you look like you belong in a saloon.

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