oh sweet deer in the forest...

The clothes at the Grammys were not kind to my eyeballs. I don't even want to talk about the good. except to say that it was all about Kings of Leon looking mighty fine and Katy Perry and Russel Brand being super cute. **you can click the pics to make them life size. you know you want to.

But seriously everyone had a case of the Helen Kellers yesterday. "sarah you shouldn't make jokes about Helen Keller. What kind of person are you."

let's start this with a bang!!! Dear Britney Spears, just because you watched Chicago on Blu-Ray the other day and became obsessed with it doesn't mean you should take fashion tips from it. Also, you may want to reconsider your friends. I mean, they let you walk around in public like this.

Actually I kind of like this. it has STARS on it! But I just don't know WTF Quentin Tarantino was doing at the grammys. Idk why he looks bloated or why he acted like a complete rigamaroo.

This looks like an Egyptian scuba suit.

I love big shoulders on clothes. but she looks like she's trying to be Barney. and kind of like a balloon. Also, this looks like it's going to rip in half at any moment. ALSO this girl won an oscar. AN OSCAR!


And I thought the other one was bad. she looks like a river transporting dinosaur eggs.

please oh please let that gold thing be like...a jumper. you know, with shorts. Also, this is so ugly.

I don't know who this girl is but she looks like a Birthday Cake in the freezer section of the bakery department at Ralphs.

Rhianna I know those are feathers but you look like Old Man Time. BEARD! I've never seen two people look more uncomfortable. Although I do like Beyonce's dress. Just not on her.


If she thinks this fits, she is wrong. If she thinks she is at a funeral, she is also wrong.

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